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To list your property we will need next to the job and the sales documents, such as plans, recreational residence decision (if any), etc., an energy performance certificate. The law stipulates that any type of marketing the overall energy efficiency factor (fGEE) or the thermal heat demand (HWB) must be specified. The energy index of the MSB is in kWh/m2, ie kilowatt hours per square meter and year indicated.

For price determination, it is necessary that the object will be visited personally.

Tax Implications

The sale or rental of your property may have tax implications.

The holding period of 10 years, after which property could be sold tax-free, was repealed
. In the future, the income is taxable regardless of the holding period at 25 %. From
 11 year after acquiring a discount of 2 % inflation is taken into account (up to max. 50 %) 
the purchase price.

More details you can visit our page under the heading Knowledge - see Terms.

Sequence for a purchase

The purchase offer of the buyer is presented to the seller for signing. After the purchase offer has been signed by both sides, a lawyer or notary is commissioned to prepare a purchase contract. On the escrow account established pursuant certified contract manufacturing of the purchase price including the additional charges will be paid. Meanwhile seeks the lawyer or notary to the documents required for registration in the land register at the tax office, the District Commission and, if necessary , with other U.S. agencies, such as the community and at banks, at. Upon receipt of all documents and waivers may be requested in the land register at the registration court. Usually then the purchase price shall be released and paid into the account of the seller.


Flow at a rental

After the rental offer was signed by both parties, tenants as well as landlords, the tenant contract drawn up by a lawyer or notary. This also calculated equal to the taxes which are paid to the tax office. These costs are usually borne by the tenant. Leases of residential real estate are normally completed with a contract period of three years or longer.

We are happy to assist with the marketing of your property.

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